PayDay Loans Laws – Know Your Rights

Payday Lending LawsDue to recent financial reform laws, payday lending laws have undergone a bit of a facelift lately.  While lending businesses are mandated on a state level, the growing movement to crack down on predatory lending practices has affected the industry as a whole.  A constant tug of war keeps restrictions tight:  lenders appeal to lawmakers to allow their services to continue, while watchdog organizations argue the high cost of the loans is unfair and unscrupulous. Payday loans are currently legal, although regulated in a total of thirty-five states.  The remaining fifteen states do not allow payday loans under their current laws and statutes.  The fifteen states that have banned the practice include:  Arizona, Arkansas, Connecticut, Georgia, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Vermont, and West Virginia.  The states that allow this form of lending do impose certain usury limits, as well as place caps on annual percentage rates (APR).While many states do have laws in place to protect consumers’ interests when obtaining a payday loan, some payday lenders have found ways to skirt the usury laws by teaming up with “nationally chartered” banks that are based in a state that does not have a usury ceilings (Delaware and South Dakota are two such states).  This is a similar principle that many credit card issuers use in order to justify charging high fees and interest rates.Another common practice that skirts the laws on the books is that payday lenders keep their interest rates within the legal limits, however they add on multiple process and handling fees.  New consumer protection laws put into effect by most states, as well as the United States federal government, have cracked down on this practice and stops lenders from charging any fees that are not expressly allowed by law.  The Federal Truth In Lending Act further requires lenders to list all fees upfront, while requiring these fees to remain constant.Due to the recent economic problems, some states are now placing limits on the number of loans (of any types) that a borrower can obtain at any one time.  This is being enforced by statewide databases that are updated in real time.  States such as Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Carolina, and Virginia have set up these databases that provide all licensed lenders to verify the eligibility status of a customer prior to any paperwork being filed.  This system is helping to reduce the risk to lenders, as well as helping to keep borrowers from getting in over their heads.In addition to limiting the number of loans that can be obtained in a certain time period, some states are now setting restrictions on the number of times loans can be renewed.  After this number has been reached, lenders must extend the loan to a longer term and lower the interest rate so the borrower can stop the debt cycle and pay off what is owed. While many states have these laws on the books, many do not have the resources to enforce them, giving lenders and borrowers leeway to circumvent the restrictions.  Both lenders and borrowers know how to work the system to their advantage.  If you find yourself in need of a short term loan, such as a payday loan, it is extremely important to research the laws in your state and find a reputable lender who will abide by fair lending practices.  Taking the time to do this will ensure both parties are fully protected.

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Why Your App Developer Should Provide You A Digital Marketing Plan, Not Just A Mobile App

When selecting an app developer to work on your next iPhone, iPad or Android mobile App project, individuals, businesses and brands need to consider what value add each developer offers to maximize both App appeal and App reach. Without both your shiny new App may never be found, downloaded or used.These concepts are not new and herald back to 1960 when the late Theodore Levitt first published his article in the Harvard Business Review called Marketing Myopia. Incidentally when the Harvard Business Review republished this article in 2004 it was proclaimed as the most important marketing game changer for marketing in the last half century, so take note!Many App developers limit themselves and their customer’ potential by improperly defining their purpose. That is, by calling themselves an App developer they are implying that they create a specific limited product – Apps.As customers make the app developer selection process engaging with a company that defines itself so narrowly and misunderstanding so completely what business they are really in, can have the effect of also limiting the App’s appeal to the target market because of an implicit misunderstanding of their purpose in the value creation chain.After all, if all you do is develop apps, how can you possibly understand the intricacies and nuances of the app to the ideal user and create an app that solves that compelling need or problem for these users?What do App Developers And Railroads Have In Common?When customers use an App they don’t want to use an app they want to be entertained, productive, make their lives easier, communicate or maybe all of these at the same time – quickly and easily.To look at this another way look to Levitts HBR article and the analysis of the plight of the American Railroads in the early 20th century where a once growing industry become stagnant and endangered.The need for railroads did not decline because the need for passenger transportation declined, and not because the need was filled by others such as cars, buses and planes. Rather, the railroad let others take their customers away because they assumed they were in the railroad business rather than the transportation business.Taking this into the 21st century perspective, web developers should not view app developers as a threat, rather marketing companies should see app developers who are using Apps as the spearhead of comprehensive digital marketing plans as the most severe threat since web and mobile marketing evolved as a business.And this is what you should look for as a customer when choosing an app developer. A company that can provide you a well developed, good looking easy to use app which meets the needs of the ideal user within your budget and the ability to understand how to position this app at the apex of a digital marketing assault with the provision and execution of a comprehensive digital marketing plan.How Does Digital Marketing Know-How Help With App Creation?The purpose of marketing is to identify and communicate the value of your business or brand’s products and services to your customers, fans and followers and cause sales. In short marketing should help customers discover, create, arouse and satisfy your customer’s needs.Clearly, a mobile developer that provides coding and mobile application asset creation such as graphics and sound, display none of the marketing musts and both limit their businesses potential for growth as well as your Apps positioning.The App developers view the marketing effort as a necessary consequence of the product – not – vice versa as it should be. So in fact when contracting an app developer to make an app for your business or brand your mindset and that of your chosen app developer should be focused on how to position that App at the apex of your digital marketing assault rather than how to market the App.The developer that you select needs to communicate to you how it thinks of itself as taking care of customers marketing needs, not writing code and creating graphics to combine into a piece of software. The real problem the app developer solves for the customer is satisfaction of his or her deepest need – creating value that the customer needs in exchange for the App product at a fair price.Good App developers are not in the app making business they are in the Digital Marketing business, or at least they should be if you are going to engage them to meet your customers needs.

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Setting Up an Online Business – Important Factors to Consider

If you want to take advantage of the wide reach of the internet in making money, putting up an online business is one thing you can venture into. Of course, a good business online can spread fast and considering the worldwide audience of the internet, you can indeed grow your business fast with the internet.If you are looking at the opportunity of setting up an online business, here are some tips and ideas that may help you have a good start up for your business.- Decide on what business you want to venture to. You can sell your products – eBooks, handbags, gadgets, consumables, software, home accessories, paper products and you can also sell services. You can provide drafting services, consultancy, credit advice, internet marketing business, or any services that people online are looking for.- Draft your business plan. Like putting up a store or an off-line business, it is also important to have your business plan created even if you are putting up your business online. A business plan will surely help a lot in mapping out how you can promote your business on the internet and how you can make more profits, outwit competitors and strengthen your presence in the online world.- Create a professional-looking website. In an online business where you don’t put up a stall or a physical store, your website will be where you will introduce your customers to your service, your product or your business. In doing so, i is important to consider that your website should be user friendly, easy to navigate, professionally designed and easy for the search engines to read. If you will be using a lot of pictures for your website, it is important that you also make sure that your photos load fast and easy or else you will be driving away potential customers.- Get a website domain. This will also help you establish your online business and makes it easy to find as well.- Advertising your site. One of the huge advantage of setting up an online business is the availability of many cost-effective ways to advertise your products or your business as a whole. As marketing is essential in any business, you can then plan your marketing strategy online. You can have a lot of options when it comes to marketing. You can do affiliate marketing programs, you can do pay per click advertising strategies, search engine optimization and many other techniques and strategies that you can use in attracting online readers to your website. Remember that in the online world, you have to attract the right people online to visit to your site to be able to get the sales you want.- Monitor, assess and improve your marketing strategies. Monitoring your marketing efforts online is essential as this will help you change strategies to more effective ones.In doing business online, it is also important to take into consideration the security you can give to your online customers. As there are also scams other fraudulent activities going on around the web, it is important that you and your customers are protected, so make sure you also have a safety measure when it comes to accepting and sending payments.

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